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Welcome to Possio

Sensors, software and services made for you

Possio is all about connecting sensors, software and services to make YOUR life easier. We aim to please and we aim to do it at the right price (i.e. affordable).

Just now our focus is on providing the very best GPS and GSM tracking solutions and you can expect to see more vehicle, assets and things trackers coming this way soon!

We are based out of Stockholm, Sweden and have been developing fixed and portable wireless products globally since 1984.

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    Established in 1984

    We have a genuine track record of turning customer problems into relevant and easy-to-use products.

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    Designed in Sweden

    Our products are designed in Sweden and utilise only the best components so we can guarantee you high quality as standard.

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    Fair pricing

    We pride ourselves on producing premium products, together with premium partners at competitive prices.

Possio Tracker

The Possio Tracker works with all vehicles and assets that run on between 8 and 32V DC. It is a fully connected device meaning that it can be managed entirely through the Possio Tracker app on the web, Android and iOS. With its most basic settings you can find out where it is any time. By enabling just a few settings you can turn it into a full real-time tracking and anti-theft device which records its full history and notifies you of when it has been involved in an accident, when it enters/leaves areas that you define or even when the vehicle it is installed in is being driven erratically.

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    Backup battery

    With a built-in battery for emergencies.

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    Accident detection

    Get notified of incidents involving your vehicle.

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    Set up virtual fences to be notified of activity.

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    Get notified of any suspicious behaviour.

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    See where your vehicle is at any time.

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    Driver's journal

    Use as a fully compliant driver’s journal.

An easy way to take care of your vehicle and most importantly your loved ones.

Possio Tracker App

The Possio Tracker App available on iOS and Android is packed full with helpful features for managing your Possio devices and vehicles.

Possio App Notifications
Possio App Location
Possio App Menu
Possio App Geofence
Possio App Devices

Just some of the apps features

You can always find the location of your vehicle effortlessly by simply opening the app.
We make it simple to scroll backwards through the vehicles location history or see the history from a specific time-frame.
A few simple settings will allow you to track the full history of the vehicle in a “journey” format. Ideal for using the device as a drivers journal.
You can choose between SMS, Email and push notifications straight into the app for a variety of different events such as battery warnings, GSM jamming, over speed, harsh braking/accelerating/cornering and even collision detection.
Draw a shape around an area or use a simple circle from as small as 200m diameter up to 500km in size. Get notified when your vehicle enters or leaves the area and even set schedules for those events.
The chances are that you have family members, colleagues or friends that may need to make use of the device as well. You can invite them to the app and they will also be able to change settings and add their own sets of notifications.

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