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Track all of your vehicles easily and affordably with Possio Tracker

iPhone app and device

Ideal for mopeds, motorbikes, cars, boats, snowmobile & more

Two wheels

Whether you own a big fat chopper or a quaint little Vespa, chances are your two wheel friend is your pride and joy. Keep it that way with an easy to install and easy to hide Possio Tracker.

Four wheels

Its your gem, your diamond, your pearl. Or perhaps it’s a work van and you want to keep an eye on your tools. No matter what the purpose, the Possio Tracker is an affordable and reliable solution for keeping track of your vehicle’s activity.

No wheels

That’s correct, the Possio Tracker is even the perfect companion for boats, snowmobiles, mini-diggers or anything else you can think of with a 8 to 32V DC battery. With its low power consumption and easily adjustable settings you can be sure your vehicles are safe even in the off season.

Possio Tracker App

The Possio Tracker App available on iOS and Android is packed full with helpful features for managing your Possio devices and vehicles.

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An easy way to take care of your vehicle and most importantly your loved ones.

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