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Track all your vehicles easily
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Possio Tracker

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What our customers are saying

Thanks to Possio Tracker and their support team, two thieves are in custody and awaiting trial.Anders from Sandviken, Sweden
Co-ordinates every 5 seconds with location, speed and time. Damn good job!Anonymous Policeman, Sandviken, Sweden
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Works perfectly. Installed it on my son's moped so I can make sure he remains safe.Gunnar, ClasOhlson reviews
Simple to use and doesn't cost much. I had a moped stolen last year, wish I had bought one before.Richard, Facebook reviews
Great and easy to use app with some pretty powerful features.Sven, Amazon reviews

Ideal for mopeds, motorbikes, cars, boats, snowmobile & more!

Possio Tracker is designed for 12 and 24 volt DC vehicle batteries but will work with anything that has between 8 and 32 volt DC power supplies. That means you can use Possio Tracker on all sorts of things, even a robot lawnmower or a 30 ton/tonne excavator.

Possio Tracker App

The Possio Tracker App available on iOS and Android is packed full with helpful features for managing your Possio devices and vehicles.

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Possio App Detailed journey
Possio App Location history
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An easy way to take care of your vehicle and most importantly your loved ones.

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