Annual Possio Distributor Awards 2007

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Possio, the Swedish wireless innovator, today announce the winners of the Annual Possio Distributor Awards 2007.

The Possio Distributor of the Year award is granted to a distributor that continuously is among Possio’s leading and best performing customers and that grew nicely over the year. The King of Possio Growth Award rewards the distributor who grew most in pure numbers over the year. And The Possio Customer Care Award is given to the Distributor who Possio believes has worked hardest to ensure customer satisfaction.

The winners of the 2007 awards are:
The Possio Customer Care Award goes to KlingTech in Denmark with the following motivation: “Klaus Klinggaard has built KlingTech with a culture of never leaving customers behind and always walking the extra mile which has resulted in an organization that is extremely customer focused, down to earth and a pleasure to deal with. Klaus and his team have swap units in their cars to always be ready to help a client and they provide a lot of goodwill repair and support simply to ensure long happy customer relationships”.

The King of Possio Growth Award goes to Soumen Pelastuskeskus in Finland with the following motivation: “Soumen Pelastuskeskus has been a small loyal Possio distributor for many years. With more focus on the Possio business came the real breakthrough during 2007 including several large deals across the entire Possio product line. When we closed the books Mikko Hentilä and his team had grown the Possio business with close to 2000%! Kitos!”

The Possio Distributor of the Year Award goes to ENO in Germany with the following motivation: “ENO with Heinrich Thelker and his team, is among our biggest distributors quarter after quarter thanks to a very focused and well integrated Possio approach. 2007 was another good year for ENO’s Possio business which grew nicely and now also includes SVEA. Needless to say Heinrich is a highly professional business leader and a very nice person to deal with”.

“Our distribution partners are vital to our capability to serve customers around the world and we are delighted to reward the outstanding performance 2007 of these three distribution partners”, says Per Östlund, VP Sales at Possio.

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