Customer Solution Update, Torben Rafn

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Torben Rafn & Co. A/S is a trucking company which has had its head office in Sommersted Denmark since 1966. Almost from the beginning, the company has concentrated on specialty transport, and today it has a comprehensive and modern range of specialty vehicles and flatbed trucks for all types of specialty transport at its disposal.

IT manager and joint owner Tina Rafn, who started with the company 8 years ago, tells the story: “Already before I was hired we had Possio PM80s in the vehicles. Next came the PM70, and now since December 2007 we’ve been using the Possio GRETA. The drivers and I have had good experiences with them – we simply haven’t had any problems with the GRETA. It’s extremely stable, and the printing is improved. The text is very clear.”

“In addition to transport permits and weekend waivers, we also use the fax to send orders and instructions out to the vehicles, and the office gets time cards from the drivers by fax,” Rafn continues. “Some of the drivers have portable computers in their vehicles, and we’ve also considered PCs as an alternative to the fax. However, there’s a greater risk that a computer might be stolen where as the fax is more convenient, faster and more stable. Mobile faxing is quite simply indispensable for us.”

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