Possio and RDXT enters partnership, launches their first joint product at MWC17

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Possio and RDXT enters partnership. Their first joint product is the Possio Tracker, a DIY Vehicle Tracker and Alarm designed in collaboration with Clas Ohlson, the Swedish leading retailer within hardware, electrical, multimedia, home and leisure.

The Possio Tracker operates on any 8-32V DC battery, and is designed to secure assets such as cars, boats, mopeds and motorcycles but also the whole fleet or even heavy construction equipment. Logged in to the service via the app or web interface, the user gets all statistics from the device visualised. The user tailors what actions the Tracker should take in response to different triggers – alarm the app in case of a sharp curve – or alarm the security company in case the asset leaves the geo fenced zone.

“The Possio Tracker shows how a combination of connected sensors, software services and a simple to use app are truly powerful tools. Once the device is placed in the vehicle, new services based on its extensive sensor data can be easily added”, says Scott Adams, Founder and CTO of RDXT.

The business model is interesting. RDXT sells devices through well known retailers. The customer activates the device by signing up for a service subscription. The reseller also gets a percentage of the subscription, on top of the product margin in store.

“I believe this is the future business model for retailers entering the connected device space. It opens up a new revenue stream for them. The end of the deal is no longer at the checkout”, states Rickardh Gärdström, CEO of Possio.

RDXT is a Swedish IoT startup mostly known for the MTRLOG driver journal.

“I really look forward to take RDXT to the next level. With the competences Possio brings onboard we will be able to scale our business at a much faster pace”, says Scott Adams, Founder and CTO of RDXT.

Possio was established 1984 and is a well established global player in the telecom business, with its head- quarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

“It’s very exciting to be able to use our experienced business and sales expertise to ramp up a young and promising startup. RDXT and Scott Adams
has proved extraordinary skills on the technical side. The offerings are really great and now we are looking forward to scale the business”, continues Rickardh Gärdström, CEO of Possio.

In stores May 2017

Possio tracker will be sold at Clas Ohlson in the

following countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, Germany, UAE starting in May 2017. To get a sample device, please contact:

Rickardh Gärdström CEO, Possio AB rickardh.gardstrom@possio.se , +46 73 310 00 99

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