Possio Tracker is ideal for

  • Anti-theft
  • Teenage drivers
  • Recreational tracking
  • Business/fuel logs
  • …and more!
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Monthly subscription starting at 7.99 per month.

What our customers are saying

Thanks to Possio Tracker and their support team, two thieves are in custody and awaiting trial.Anders from Sandviken, Sweden
Co-ordinates every 5 seconds with location, speed and time. Damn good job!Anonymous Policeman, Sandviken, Sweden
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Works perfectly. Installed it on my son's moped so I can make sure he remains safe.Gunnar, ClasOhlson reviews
Simple to use and doesn't cost much. I had a moped stolen last year, wish I had bought one before.Richard, Facebook reviews
Great and easy to use app with some pretty powerful features.Sven, Amazon reviews

How does it work?

1. Install

First you install our small hardware device in any of your 8-32V assets or vehicles. The device comes equipped with a replaceable fuse so you don’t need to worry about any over current damaging the device or vehicles power supply. Use the provided fastening patches to make sure the device is securely in place and you are ready to go.


2. Download the app

Download the free Possio Tracker app for Android or iOS and register an account using your email or social login with Facebook or Google. We will walk you through adding your device, all you need is the serial number on the back or by scanning the QR code. We offer 3 different subscriptions to the Possio Tracker service depending on your expected usage. Don’t worry though, you can swap at anytime and you get the first 7 days for free!

  • Get it on Google Play
  • Download on the App Store

Real-time location updates

Depending on which subscription plan you go for and what settings you decide to use, the device will start reporting in locations on a regular basis (as often as every 5 seconds!). If you decide to not go for every 5 seconds, don't worry because you can always find out where the device is by manually requesting location. We have fully integrated Google maps and the location page will show your last reported location.

Playback your location history

If you choose our Plus or Pro plan you can see where you have been and when. Pick a date and time range and playback your devices location in 1-50x speed.

Geo-fence your go/no-go areas

Using a simple circle or a complexed polygon, you can easily click and design your own borders where your device may go in and out from. Each geofence you design has its own set of rules allowing you to choose whether you get notified for entering, leaving and even which time schedule. You choose how you want to get notified.

Full journey logs & reports

The Pro plan gives you access to a full journey log with highly accurate addresses using Googles excellent reverse geocoding API. If you want, you can export the logs as pdf or spreadsheet files to use for reporting for business/tax/fuel purposes by simply clicking the blue report button and choosing a date range. The logs also make a great diary of any awesome road trips you may embark upon!

Detailed journey information

Clicking on a journey in the journeys log gives you even more information about a journey including yet another lovely map. Possio Tracker records how many km/miles you have done providing you with a start, stop, distance and average speed of each journey. Each journey can be flagged with a business, private or commute purpose and you can edit the drivers name and description summary.

Customisable notifications and alerts

For every event that the device is capable of we make it also possible for you to set an alert. You can receive alerts as an SMS, email or push notification straight into your phone. We have even made it possible to set what ringtone grabs your attention. You can click straight from notifications which will take you directly into the event in the app and show you more details for that specific event. If you miss a notification or accidentally swipe/delete one, not a problem as you can always see a full event history in the events page of the app.

Simple to use, but packed with features

We made sure when designing the app that nothing is ever more than a couple of clicks away to keep the experience as clean and simple as possible. That being said, if you want to tinker with the sensitivity of the gyroscopes or how many grams of force should trigger a harsh corner, we have made those options available too!

Multiple users and easy registration

It's extremely simple to get started. Use your email or register an account using your existing social media accounts. You can even invite friends, colleagues or family to the app and share your vehicles with them.

Share a map of your location with friends & family

Web Map iPad

Export a PDF report

Macbook Journeys Report

The Possio Tracker GPS/GSM Hardware

  • Automatic location updates

    From 5 second intervals and upwards, both when vehicle is still or moving

  • Health check reports

    The hardware reports its condition to the server for extra peace of mind

  • Offline data buffer

    Saves data to the in-built memory if it ever needs to

  • Power saving modes

    For when your vehicle is hibernating for the summer/winter

  • Assisted GPS

    For providing extremely accurate locations

  • Built in GPS odometer counter

    For accurately monitoring mileage

Feeling nerdy? Here is all you need to know about the tech

    • 3 LED indicators - GSM & GPS & POWER
    • Power supply external - DC 8 to 32V
    • Backup battery - Rechargeable, Li-Po 3.7V, 750mAh
    • Power consumption
      • ≥230mA (Active Tracking)
      • ≥25mA (Power Saving Mode)
      • ≥10mA (Deep Sleeping Mode)
    • GSM/GPRS
      • Air Prime HL6528
      • Quad band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
      • Multiple-slot Class 8 (dual band)/10 (quad band)
      • GPRS class 10/Station class B
      • TCP/IP over PPP
      • SIM card - 1.8V & 3.3V
    • IP 65 (ingress protection)
    • Accelerometer sensor - Built-In, 3-axis
    • Flash storage 16Mbits Built-In
    • CPU - ARM, STM32F103, UcOS
    • Measurements
      • Height 20.5 mm
      • Length 94 mm
      • Width 47 mm
    • GPS
      • Internal antenna 25*25 with amplifier
      • uBlox NEO 6M
      • 50 Parallel Channels
      • Accuracy - Autonomous<2.5M
      • Sensitivity -162dBm

Possio Tracker

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Weight6.24 kg
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Possio Tracker device

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Possio Tracker service

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