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The first all-in-one Scan and Print terminal for the road

Barcelona, February 23, 2013: Possio invented the mobile fax machine some twenty years ago and is currently selling GRETA GSM Fax & Printer and SVEA GSM Connector to operators and endusers around the world. These solutions both use circuit switched data (CSD) on 2G. Possio have been working for years on their patent pending IP based mobile document management platform, Remote Scan & Print, as the successor to mobile fax.

Possio previously announced Possio Remote Scan & Print for Service Providers which is the first commercially available solution based on its RSP architecture, developed together with technology partner BD Consult.

“RSP for Service Providers was developed to provide a robust scalable solution for mobile operators to serve their clients request for fax and all other types of remote document management needs”, says Rickardh Gärdström, CEO Possio.

Possio RSP for Service Providers use a standard G3 fax machine as scanner and printer connected to an RSP Connector which utilizes GPRS over 2G/3G for transmission of documents to and from the RSP Server. RSP supports customized receipts over different channels, encrypted communication, web interface for easy set up and maintenance of customers, users and services, meta data created at point of digitalization to enrich security and traceability, creation of billing data, APIs for integration to external systems and development of apps.

Today’s announcement that Possio’s best-seller GRETA GSM Fax & Printer now support IP is good news for customers, service providers and partners. RSP support for GRETA GSM Fax & Printer is provided as an elegant software update using the existing module and hardware.

“Possio invented the mobile fax machine, the 3G/Wi-Fi wireless router and now the first mobile all-in-one IP scanner and printer” says Magnus Melander, Chairman Possio. “We love to solve real world problems by bringing relevant and easy-to-use wireless innovations to the market and this time we provide a new dimension to document management solutions”, continues Melander.

The RSP solution is a combination of an RSP Server and an RSP Connector. The RSP Server is  available as a software license or a hosted service offering. The RSP Connectors, now including GRETA GSM Fax & Printer, are available through Possio’s sales partners.

“Our RSP offering is a great platform for service providers to bring to market innovative, more or less, customized solutions to their customers”, says Magnus Melander. “Imagine digitalizing a signed receipt without a computer in a remote location and have it sent, in a secure predefined fashion, straight into a workflow system at the HQ, without a single touch by human hands”, continues Mr Melander.

RSP customers can combine remote scan, remote print, fax, email, sms, mms and file transfer into services of choice. “With RSP we offer Mobile operators one single machinery for developing, operating and benefiting from document management services in their network”, concludes Rickardh Gärdström.

For further information please contact Mr Rickardh Gärdström, CEO, Possio at +46 733 10 00 99 or rickardh.gardstrom@possio.com.

About Possio
For the past 30 years Possio has been developing and marketing fixed and portable wireless products globally. We have a genuine track record of turning customer problems into relevant easy-to-use communication products for the international markets. Possio is based in Sweden, the home of wireless communication, with sales offices in Beijing and Chicago. Opti4U is a fully owned value-add mobile reseller for the SMB market in Sweden. For more information please visit possio.com and www.opti4u.com.

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