Possio enables healthcare services in homes

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Santé Service is a French public healthcare services organization providing healthcare to people in their homes. The organization is more than 50 years old and was established to improve treatment of patients with certain types of cancer. Today Santé Service treat patients with a long list of diagnosis across the greater Paris, Ile de France, all managed from their head office is in Puteaux west of Paris.

The ability to treat and care people in their homes has substantial advantages both from a cost and humanity point of view. With an aging population this will be increasingly important and methods are constantly developed to enable more treatment outside of hospitals. But it requires a lot of innovation and creativity to find ways to deliver the services while ensuring at least the same level of security, quality and convenience as stipulated at hospitals.

Santé Service use Possio GRETA GSM Fax and Printer to ensure fast and secure handling of medicine prescriptions. Since GRETA is a mobil device connected to the mobile network, doctors and nurses can send a prescription directly to Santé Service when visiting a patient who rapidly need medicin to recover or kill pain.

”Our speciality is to deal with paper documents on the road. GRETA’s unique ability to scan a document and send it from anywhere makes her the obvious product to use to make workflows with paper documents involved more efficient” says Mr John Ericsson, Channel Sales Manager at Possio. ”Besides healthcare applications we still have most of our users in trucks around the world” continues Mr Eriksson.