Possio introduce gsm all-in-one printer

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Today at Telemobility Forum, Possio is introducing GRETA GSM Fax & Printer. GRETA creates a new category – mobile all-in-one printers.


Mobile phones and laptops have enabled people to work away from offices. But most business around the world requires paper documents to be signed, rubber stamped or left behind. Possio GRETA GSM Fax & Printer removes that final roadblock preventing companies to become mobile since GRETA is a printer, scanner, copier, fax and phone to carry around or install in a vehicle.

Possio invented the mobile fax machine 1987 and have ever since been helping people on the move deal with paper documents. More than 55.000 mobile fax machines have been shipped in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia and Africa. Many of today’s users are truck drivers who use mobile fax to avoid custom clearance problems and to shorten invoice cycles.

“We know GRETA will be popular among truck drivers since we have developed her based on many years of feedback from our users”, says Ralf Wittig, Head of Products at Possio. “But GRETA is also attractive to road warriors – people working on the road – who want to bring office capabilities”, continues Mr Wittig.

With GRETA Possio is expanding to North America. “We are currently establishing distribution and presence in USA and Canada aiming for GRETA to be available there in February”, says Per Östlund, VP Sales at Possio. “USA is the country of both trucks and road warriors and together with the impressive coverage of GSM today USA should be a very interesting market for GRETA”, continues Mr Östlund.

Possio announced GRETA GSM Fax & Printer at 3GSM Barcelona earlier this year and start deliver to customers today. Possio estimate the retail price to 690 excluding VAT. “GRETA will make a lot of more people around the world open for business”, concludes Mr Wittig.

For more information please contact Magnus Melander +46 70 230 72 51 or magnus.melander@possio.com

About Possio AB Possio is a wireless innovator helping people on the move deal with paper documents. We have developed and marketed wireless products globally since 27 years and have a genuine track record of turning customer problems into easy-to-use communication products for the international markets. Possio is based in Sweden, the home of wireless communication. Please visit possio.com.